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Teknik Engineers expert team designs and installs MS and SS pipes. These services are used by customers of many businesses and their reliability, flexibility and timelines are appreciated. Our experts use the latest technology and complete the services according to the latest trends in the market. We provide these services according to the needs and requirements of our customers.

We are committed to providing a variety of services for different businesses. We are committed to providing quality pipe work to our valued customers. We perform this service very well at the scheduled time.

We are committed to providing pipe fabrication services to meet our customers' expectations. Our experts are highly skilled in pipe fabrication and use advanced tools and techniques to provide this service.

Pipeline fabrication and installation includes the process of building and installing pipelines to transport water or gas, such as water, oil or gas. Here are the main points of the process:

  • Design: The process starts with the design of the pipeline. Engineers will create a detailed plan that includes the diameter, length, and specifications of the pipeline.
  • Material selection: The type of material used for pipeline fabrication depends on the requirements of the project, such as the fluid or gas being transported, pressure, and temperature. Common materials include steel, plastic, and concrete.
  • Fabrication: The fabrication process involves cutting, bending, and welding the pipe sections to the required size and shape. The individual sections of the pipeline are fabricated separately.
  • Surface preparation: Once the individual pipe sections are fabricated, they are prepared for final assembly. This involves cleaning and preparing the surface of the pipe to ensure it is free of impurities and contaminants.
  • Assembly: The individual pipe sections are then assembled into the final pipeline. This involves welding the sections together to create a continuous pipeline.
  • Erection: The final step is to install the pipeline. This involves laying the pipeline into a trench or using other methods such as horizontal directional drilling. Once installed, the pipeline is connected to the appropriate valves, pumps, and other equipment necessary for fluid or gas transport.

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